The Genius and the Dude Week One

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Herbert Octavios III. He was a genius. His best friend’s name was Chazz. He was a dude. Herbert lived in a big house with a creek in the back yard. Herbert lived by himself. One day Chazz came over to hang out. Chazz said ” Is it, like, okay with your Mom that I, like, came over?” “You forgot that I do not have a Mother,” said Herbert “Why do you keep forgetting?” “I don’t, like, know, man.” said Chazz. They went to Herbert’s secret lab. Herbert touched a screen that analyzed his finger print.  A trapdoor opened under them, and they each fell head first into a dry oversized toilet. “Herbert is a highly sophisticated being.” they said. And then they plunged (with out a plunger) into darkness.


What happens next? Do they fall into a pit of crocodiles? Do they get electrocuted by eels? Do they get bitten by bats with rabies? Find out next week on Moshe’s Workshop.

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  1. Eli says:

    Hey, Moshe, (by the way I am your brother!) your Bro, Eli

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